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Here’s a rundown of some of our exciting casts:


Grievance NewsGrievance News Cast - Sundays at 7pm CST

Grievance News is a newscast based on everything the Grievance Organization is doing. We cover the latest on our Guilds, Embassies, and what the organization is doing as a whole. Did your guild down a boss on that really tough Raid? We’ll let you know about it. Did you miss the information on an upcoming meeting? We’ve got you covered. Want to know when the next Grievance Council Meeting is? Tune in.


Out of the Box

Totally random, Set aside for those “special” interviews!

OOTB will be going to a random format where we could be casting at any time, on any day. Why would we do this? Simple! We realize that we have many special casts that are specifically targeted towards a specific game. OOTB will be held in reserve for those guests that do not necessarily fall in any of those categories. Guest / times will be announce ahead of time so that everyone will be able to make arrangements if they wish to view these live.


The Settler's Path: a Wildstar Vcast

The Settler's Path – Thursdays at 7pm CST

Hello Cupcake…um…I mean future or current Nexus Citizens. The Settler's Path is your one stop shop newscast on everything Wildstar. We talk about what’s really important; news on game development, classes, races, factions, and everything in between.


The Bazaar: an EverQuest Next Vcast

The Bazaar – Thursdays at 8pm CST

Curious about what’s going on with EQN & EQNL? Make sure to tune into this amazing cast as we go over the latest news from SOE concerning all things EQN! The Bazaar's team takes the time to discuss and theorize about the latest tidbits of information.


Guild Spotlight

Guild Spotlight – Every other Friday at 7pm CST

Kannon takes the time to sit down and discuss what’s going on in various Guilds with the Leaders of those Guilds, and the Leaders of the Grievance Organization as well.


The Star Citizen Report: a Star Citizen Vcast

The Star Citizen Report – Every other Saturday at 6pm CST

One of the most talked about Kickstarter projects ever! Developed by Chris Roberts, this is truly going to be a great game. Our team breaks the latest news down for everyone as they dissect all things Star Citizen!


The Final Fantasy: a Final Fantasy Vcast

The Final Fantasy – Sundays at 8pm CST

Grievance’s newest cast! Chip and Vedrana discuss the most recent FFXIV news and dish about what Square Enix is planning next!


League of Legends Vcast

Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!


News from Azeroth: World of Warcraft Vcast

Coming Soon!



- Steelheart, Grievance Progenitor, Grievance Global Gaming, LLC Member

- Nightangel, Grievance COG Director