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Marvels Spider Man 2 Make Custom Playstation 5 Faceplates

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😮 Disappointed Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Fans Are Making Their Own PS5 Faceplates

Some Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 fans have decided to make their own faceplates for the PS5 in response to scalpers selling the official versions at ridiculous prices. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 comes out later this October, and Sony has been revealing new information about the game at a steady pace.

As a part of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s promotion, Sony decided to release special DualSense controllers and faceplates for the PS5 console. Both items are also available in a custom PS5 bundle that comes with a digital copy of the game. As these Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 PS5 consoles and accessories were only available in limited quantities, stock quickly ran out, probably leaving many fans disappointed. Now, it looks like players have decided to make their own faceplates instead.

🎮 DIY Faceplates by Fans

Reddit users named Equivalent_Task5515 and tamanui1202 have made their own Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 faceplates after not being able to secure the official items. Equivalent_Task5515 has shared an image of the faceplate to go along with their post, showing that it closely resembles the official faceplate sold by Sony. On the other hand, tamanui1202 has shared a video of their custom faceplate, confirming that they were able to get the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 DualSense controller but not the faceplate. Tamanui1202 also mentions that they used the black PS5 faceplates as the base, while Equivalent_Task5515 appears to have utilized the default white one.

Many users in the comments section seem impressed by the PS5 faceplates, as they congratulate both posters on the final product. Gamers on tamanui1202’s post even ask if they take custom orders, with a few players stating that it looks just like the original Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 faceplate. Some users also want tamanui1202 to share a tutorial on how to make it so accurately.

On Equivalent_Task5515’s post, one player mentions that a personal touch is better than an overpriced product, which spawns a discussion on whether the plates are worth the asking price. Regardless, many gamers state that it looks great, with another user also claiming to have designed their own PS5 faceplates.

💰 Scalping Issue

As the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 consoles, DualSense controllers, and faceplates were in limited supply, it is no surprise that the products were scalped for ridiculous prices. Scalping was a fairly common issue that plagued the release of current-generation consoles, and it seems to have continued with any item that has limited availability. It’ll be interesting to see if more PlayStation players decide to make their own custom faceplates if they are unable to get the official ones sold by Sony.

📝 Short Answer Question

Q: Why did Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 fans decide to make their own PS5 faceplates?

Many Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 fans decided to make their own PS5 faceplates because they were unable to secure the official faceplates due to limited availability and scalpers selling them at inflated prices.


Q: Are the custom faceplates made by fans similar to the official ones sold by Sony?

A: Yes, the custom faceplates made by fans closely resemble the official faceplates sold by Sony, as confirmed by the Reddit posts.

Q: Can fans order custom faceplates from the Reddit users who made their own?

A: Some fans have expressed interest in ordering custom faceplates from the Reddit users, but it is unclear if they are taking custom orders.

Q: How did the fans make the custom faceplates?

A: The fans used either the default white or black PS5 faceplates as a base and customized them to resemble the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 faceplate.

🔚 Conclusion

With limited quantities and scalpers driving up the prices of official Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 faceplates for the PS5, fans have taken matters into their own hands and started creating their own custom faceplates. The DIY faceplates made by fans closely resemble the official ones, impressing many gamers. This trend raises questions about the value of official merchandise and the potential for more players to make their own custom faceplates in the future.

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