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The Top 10 Best Pokemon Games for Android Emulators

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Pokemon games allow players to enter a vast world inhabited by incredible creatures with unique powers and abilities. Undertaking epic adventures to catch Pokemon, defeat gym leaders, and become the champion has captivated fans for over 25 years.

Android emulators now open up many of the classic Pokemon roleplaying games for mobile gamers to play on their smartphones and tablets. Whether you want to revisit nostalgic regions from your childhood or experience Pokemon games you may have missed, emulators make it possible to dive into the Pokemon universe right from your Android device.

This comprehensive guide covers the top 10 best Pokemon games you can play using Android emulators in 2023. It includes an overview of the various Pokemon games available on mobile, the top recommended Pokemon emulator titles, tips for enhancing your gameplay experience, and frequently asked questions about playing Pokemon on emulators.

Overview of Pokemon Games for Android Devices

There are several ways to play Pokemon games on an Android device:

  • Official Pokemon Mobile Games: Pokemon games specifically developed for smartphones and tablets, like Pokemon Go, Pokemon Masters EX, Pokemon Quest, and remastered versions of older games such as Pokemon Red/Blue. The selection is limited compared to the full Pokemon handheld library.
  • Pokemon ROM Hacks: Modified and customized versions of existing Pokemon games created by fans, with new stories, regions, game mechanics, and more surprises. Popular examples are Pokemon Glazed, Pokemon Gaia, and Pokemon Unbound. ROM hacks require emulators to play on Android.
  • Pokemon Game Emulators: Enable you to play the original Pokemon RPG titles designed for Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo 3DS systems directly on your Android device. This opens up a vast library of classic Pokemon adventures to enjoy.

Emulators offer the most complete way to experience the full range of original Pokemon roleplaying games on your android emulator.

10 Best Pokemon Games for Android Emulators

Based on popularity, reviews, content, and newcomer-friendliness, here are the top 10 best Pokemon games to play using Android emulators in 2023:

1. Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen

  • Emulator: [My Boy!]
  • Original System: Game Boy Advance (GBA)
  • Release: 2004
  • Region: Kanto

Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen are enhanced remakes of the beloved first-generation Pokemon games, Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. As remakes of the games that started it all, they serve as great introductions to the original 151 Pokemon and the classic Kanto region for first-time players.

The graphics and sounds are vastly improved over the original Game Boy versions while retaining the classic overhead 2D style. Quality of life upgrades reduce boredom around essential Pokemon RPG elements like grinding and catching Pokemon. Overall, FireRed and LeafGreen are the ultimate way to experience the Pokemon origins on an Android emulator.

2. Pokemon Emerald

  • Emulator: [My Boy!]
  • Original System: Game Boy Advance (GBA)
  • Release: 2004
  • Region: Hoenn

Pokemon Emerald takes the Hoenn region from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire and enhances it further with key upgrades. You can catch all 386 Pokemon from the first three generations. Hoenn itself features exotic locales like tropical jungles and underwater diving.

Emerald improves on Ruby/Sapphire by letting you battle both villainous teams, introducing the challenging Battle Frontier postgame content, and more. Often considered among the best in the series, this addictive Pokemon adventure still shines today on Android emulators.

3. Pokemon Platinum

  • Emulator: [DraStic]
  • Original System: Nintendo DS
  • Release: 2008
  • Region: Sinnoh

Pokemon Platinum is the definitive version of the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl titles on Nintendo DS. Taking place in the northern Sinnoh region, it expands the story and content further. New features include online Wi-Fi trading/battling, the Distortion World, the Battle Frontier arena, and powerful new evolutions for veteran Pokemon.

With an engrossing story revolving around legendary Pokemon lore, fun minigames like Super Contests to master, and deeper RPG mechanics, Platinum is considered one of the best generations in the acclaimed series and a must-play on emulators.

4. Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver

  • Emulator: [DraStic]
  • Original System: Nintendo DS
  • Release: 2009
  • Region: Johto and Kanto

Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver are complete remakes of the beloved second-generation games Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver on Nintendo DS. You can explore the expansive Johto region and revisit Kanto from the first-generation games after becoming Champion.

With 16 gym leaders to conquer, two full regions to discover, the Pokemon Walking feature with following Pokemon, in-depth minigames like Pokethlon, legendary beasts across various generations, and more, these sequels are overflowing with content and polish. HeartGold and SoulSilver are considered two of the best Pokemon games, perfect for Android emulation.

5. Pokemon Black 2 and White 2

  • Emulator: [DraStic]
  • Original System: Nintendo DS
  • Release: 2012
  • Region: Unova

Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 broke new ground as the first direct numbered sequels in the core Pokemon RPG series, continuing the story in Unova two years later with new locations, characters, and Pokemon. Key features include the Key System for variable replayability, unlockable Challenge Mode and Easy Mode, the Habitat List tracker, and the World Tournament.

With a significance on storytelling, a true post-game after the main adventures, and extensive post-game content, these generation five games scaled up the level of quality and content for the franchise considerably.

6. Pokemon X and Y

  • Emulator: [Citra]
  • Original System: Nintendo 3DS
  • Release: 2013
  • Region: Kalos

Pokemon X and Y fully transitioned the overhead 2D Pokemon gameplay into immersive 3D on the Nintendo 3DS. The France-inspired Kalos region is beautifully realized with vibrant coastal cities, snowy mountain towns, and other memorable locales to explore.

These games added 72 new Pokemon like the fairy type Sylveon, powerful Mega Evolutions, Super Training, extensive Player Customization, Sky Battles, Horde Encounters and more. While on the easier side, X and Y are ideal introductions to Pokemon’s 3D era and play remarkably well on emulators.

7. Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

  • Emulator: [Citra]
  • Original System: Nintendo 3DS
  • Release: 2014
  • Region: Hoenn

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are stunning full 3D remakes of the beloved Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire on Nintendo 3DS. They reinvent Hoenn with soaring aerial views, dynamic camera angles in battle, and beautifully lit environments, bringing out the best in the tropics-inspired region.

Content additions like Primal Reversions for Legendaries, Mega Evolutions from X/Y, the DexNav tracking system, Pokemon Contests, Secret Bases, and the Delta Episode postgame story help these remakes surpass the original GBA versions in every way.

8. Pokemon Sun and Moon

  • Emulator: [Citra]
  • Original System: Nintendo 3DS
  • Release: 2016
  • Region: Alola

Pokemon Sun and Moon introduced the Hawaii-inspired Alola region, comprised of scenic natural islands filled with activities like surfing, fishing, and golfing. Traditional gyms are replaced by Island Trials and Totem Pokemon battles. Riding select Pokemon adds more depth to exploring the idyllic setting.

These games added 81 new Pokemon, powerful Z-Moves, the Festival Plaza for interactions online, Ultra Beasts, the SOS battle mechanic, infinite use TMs, and more. The story and trials peak with personality. Sun and Moon masterfully refreshed the Pokemon formula.

9. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

  • Emulator: [Citra]
  • Original System: Nintendo 3DS
  • Release: 2017
  • Region: Alola

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are built upon the foundation of Pokemon Sun/Moon with an alternative storyline, newly accessible areas like Ultra Space, brand new Pokemon like UB Assembly, plus several quality-of-life improvements.

With the addition of fun mini-games such as Mantine Surf and the photography-oriented Alola Photo Club, on top of an expanded main campaign, these Ultra titles are the definitive editions of generation seven and ideal for 3DS emulation.

10. Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee

  • Emulator: [Citra]
  • Original System: Nintendo Switch
  • Release: 2018
  • Region: Kanto

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee reimagined the beloved Pokemon Yellow game in adorable 3D on Nintendo Switch. Although fitted more towards newcomers, these games offer a creative new take on the iconic Kanto region that all Pokemon fans should try.

Standout features include visible Pokemon roaming the overworld, a two-player co-op, connectivity with Pokemon GO to transfer Pokemon, candy to enhance stats, Master Trainers to battle after becoming Champion, and more. They are delightful modern remakes of the Pokemon origins.

Tips for Playing Pokemon Games on Android Emulators

Follow these tips and tricks to get the most smooth, fun experience playing Pokemon games on your Android phone or tablet using emulators:

  • Position touchscreen button controls so they are easy to reach and do not cover the action. Customize their sizes and layouts.
  • Increase emulation speeds to fast-forward through grinding and backtracking. Useful for reducing tedious sections.
  • Use save states liberally as backup save points in case anything goes wrong, or you want to revert.
  • Adjust graphics settings like frameskip and filters for optimal performance on weaker Android devices.
  • Enable fast-forward and toggles to speed up animations, text boxes, and transitions. Makes play faster.
  • Set optimal aspect ratios so the emulator fills the screen without stretching or cropping.
  • Activate built-in cheats and codes for convenience, like one-hit KOs, if you want to breeze through the game.
  • Back up your saves regularly so you never lose progress if your device needs to be reset or replaced.
  • Check emulator update logs for improvements to compatibility, speed, features, and other enhancements.
  • For the most responsive and comfortable controls, connect an external controller over Bluetooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which mainline Pokemon games can I play on Android emulators?

Nearly all main RPG titles in the Pokemon game series can be emulated, from the original Pokemon Red/Blue on Game Boy up to the newest Nintendo 3DS releases like Ultra Sun/Moon. The only exceptions are Nintendo Switch titles.

Do I need to legally own games to play them on emulators?

You need to supply your own legal game dump files, known as ROMs, to play on emulators. Downloading ROM files from the internet, you didn’t make yourself is generally illegal.

Can I trade Pokemon with friends when using emulators?

Yes, with emulators that support simulated link cable connectivity over local WiFi or Bluetooth. Multiplayer trading is seamlessly integrated with emulators like My Boy! and DraStic.

Is there any way to transfer Pokemon from emulators to newer games?

Unfortunately, there is no method to move Pokemon from emulated versions of games into newer official Pokemon RPGs. Those Pokemon remain confined to the emulated game.

What are the best emulators for Pokemon games on Android?

My Boy! is the top emulator for Game Boy Advance titles. DraStic leads for Nintendo DS games. Citra is the most mature 3DS emulator. Check their compatibility for the specific Pokemon game you want.


For franchise fans and newcomers alike, playing Pokemon games using emulators on Android phones and tablets opens up an enormous world of epic adventures. You can experience nearly all mainline Pokemon RPG releases, from the classics like Red/Blue to the latest Ultra Sun/Moon, right on your mobile device.

Fan favorite generations and top recommendations to start with are Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen, Emerald, Platinum, HeartGold/SoulSilver, and Black 2/White 2. More recent essentials are X/Y, Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, Sun/Moon, and Let’s Go.

With the right emulator, you can catch, battle, and bond with your Pokemon companions anywhere on your Android. 

Just be sure to source your own legal ROM files. Now you can finally play all those amazing Pokemon adventures you missed or revisit nostalgic journeys from childhood – all on your phone. So pick your starter, grab your team, and set off on your next Pokemon emulator journey today!

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